Hi, I'm Vikas

I'm a web developer living in Surat, India. I design, build, and ship software that helps people.

I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming (Django/Python, Node) to front end engineering (HTML5, CSS, and Javascript), user experience and visual design.

Google Summer of Code 2016 with Plone Foundation.

Here's my resume.


// Djauto

Creates Django projects the easy way. From installing django to creating app for project, One command, that’s all!

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// CSS Helper classes

A small CSS library that provides a set of CSS helper classes to use instantly.

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// Latest-django-packages

Mails latest django projects uploaded on pypi to subscriber's inbox.

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// Quora-pdf

Python script to save all the answers of a question on Quora in single pdf.

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// Insta-photo

Python script to download all instagram photos of a user.

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// Quora-upvoter

Python script to upvote all the answers of a user on Quora.

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// Flipkart-price-checker

Python script to get notication when price of a item drops to your set limit.

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// Websites

White Elephant Events

IGNIS: SVNIT’s Annual Sports Meet

MindBend: SVNIT’s Annual Tech Fest


The best way to contact me is Twitter .
Got more than 140 words? Drop me mail at hello@vikasparashar.in
I'm also on Quora , Instagram and LinkedIn .